Best in Clear Cast Printed Vinyl, #8008a

Legendary Glitter


This pattern was meant to be printed on clear cast vinyl, although white cast works fine, too. Here is why... 
- When printed on clear cast vinyl, all of the 'white' areas will actually be clear, so when applied over light-colored base, only the black will show and the base will come through in all of the white areas, creating a peek-a-boo effect.
- When printed on white cast vinyl, all of the 'white' areas will stay white, and the base underneath will not show through. The vinyl will look as-is once applied. 

** If printing on clear cast, please be advised, the black areas of the vinyl will still not show very well if applied over a dark base. Keep light colors, or glow colors, as the base for the best effect! 

Printed 651 Printed Vinyl Adhesive Sheet

12x12, 20oz, and 30oz Options Available

Available in Legendary White Cast as well as Legendary Clear Cast