Printed Vinyl - Items tagged as "Best in clear cast"

Printed Vinyl

Legendary Vinyl now has 2 amazing options to choose from!

Legendary Clear Cast and Legendary White Cast! 

Legendary Vinyl uses only the highest grade commercial vinyl. Legendary White Cast is printed on Scotchcal by 3M, and Legendary Clear Cast is printed on Orajet by Oracal. 

No more fussing with sealing, ripping, tearing, etc! Legendary Vinyls are ready to be used in your home-based cutting machines

If a full sheet is too large, you can fill the same 12x12 sheet with duplicates of the same image, just smaller! Perfect for all of those little projects! Just choose your image size along with your backing (white or clear) and start customizing your creations with Legendary Vinyl!

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